We Do T-Shirts

Article by Mike Boyd, Louisville, Colorado


We do t-shirts … I bet you knew that already.

But the other day, standing over the screen press doing a job, I started wondering if you knew all the different reasons that people have us make them t-shirts.

So here they are –

Create a uniform … for business, clubs, sports or events.

Improve visibility .. we hear lots of stories from the business owner or employee who made a contact in the line of the grocery store … because of the shirt they were wearing.

Provide contact information … many of the tradesmen we do shirts for (landscapers, window cleaners etc) are putting their phone number, website or even QR Code on the back of employee shirts. Giving the passerby, who likes their work and easy way to order those services.

Celebrate a victory or milestone … the team that went undefeated, the business that had a record sales year, the person who conquered a barrier.

Support people or causes … battling illness and adversity of all kinds.

Remember … an event or person.

Say thanks … for business done, or support given.

Raise funds … for people, clubs or even countries (Hope to Japan) in need.

In the big picture of things, t-shirts are inexpensive, popular and come in a wide range of colors and here is an ever-growing selection of styles and qualities too.

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