Vehicle Graphics 101: How to be Effective

Vehicle Lettering Reaches More

Promote Your Business While You Drive

Ever wondered what type of advertising gets you the most eyeballs at the lowest price? The average delivery truck makes 16 million impressions in a year, according to the American Trucking Association, making vehicle signage the single most effective method for getting your name known. Surprised?  In essence, your car or truck is a rolling billboard.  Potential customers see your advertising message while stuck behind you at a traffic light and while crawling through rush hour traffic.  If you have a retail location, your vehicle parked in front can attract even more attention than your permanent sign.

 There are three basic types of vehicle signage: magnetic, vinyl, and wraps.  If your business is part-time and or your vehicle is multi-purpose, consider magnetic signs that can be removed on a daily basis. 

Magnetic Signs are Great for Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Magnetic Signs are Great for Multi-Purpose Vehicles

 A pair of magnetic signs can run from $150 to $300, depending on the number of colors used and the complexity of the design.  Real estate agents find magnetic signs to be convenient, since their cars are used for both business and personal use.

 For a dedicated vehicle, Instant Imprints recommends using vinyl lettering as the cleanest and most professional way to promote your business.  The cost is similar to a magnetic sign, but with greater durability.  Vinyl lettering can be applied to side and rear panels or even on windows if visibility isn’t obscured.

A wrap provides an “all-over” look for a van or SUV and uses lettering combined with colorful artwork and photos.  Wraps are extremely effective in grabbing attention due to their novelty.  Types of businesses using wraps include TV News vehicles or name brand consumer product promotions. Cost can be a concern, since they run from $2500 to $4000 per vehicle.

 Regardless of the type of signage selected, consider these guidelines:

  •  Keep it simple—service, name, phone and website
  • Readability—go with a clean, simple font
  • Focus on contrast—dark lettering on white shows up best
  • Largest lettering for most important part